Welcome to the Course. Watch this first!

Welcome to the Mission Matters Podcast School. We are excited to have you here and are committed to helping you launch or grow your podcast.

In this video, Adam welcomes you into the course and mentions who this course is for. Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • You are brand new and want to start building an audience
  • You have an established business but want to enhance your brand
  • You have had a podcast but need to take it to the next level with monetizing

This Foundations course will focus on the foundational keys to getting your podcast set up the right way, so that it will be robust enough for expansion as you and your business grow.

The Leveling Up course will focus on next level strategies for enhancing the brand experience of your podcast as well as giving you some of the tips and tricks that have allowed Adam to produce more than 2000 podcast episodes in 2 years.

The Marketing Machine course will focus on how to continue to expand the reach of your podcast and business by leveraging multiple social media platforms. Adam shares how he has used the particularities of each platform to his advantage over the years to grow his online presence. Adam will also cover some high level monetization strategies so that your podcast is not just a hobby, but an income stream that you will continue.

In the comments below the video. Let us know a little bit about yourself:

  • Are you just starting a business or is it well established?
  • What outcome(s) are you expecting from taking this course?
  • How can we best support you?

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